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Are you a watchmen of the Lord? Then this series of teachings are for you. Known to be revolutionary, you will find these teachings will empower you to be more effective as a Watchmen with the authority of Christ, the Lion of Judah to effectively wield the Sword of the Lord. You will also find an impartation of the Father’s love that will take you deeper into the heart of the Father from where true life flows.

Watchmen are more than intercessors. Although their main role is to “watch with the Lord” they shift spiritual atmospheres, break curses and strongholds, and send the word of the Lord to its destination to fulfill God’s purposes. They open the portals of heaven for the King of Glory to come in and as warriors of the King, stand guard at the gates to guard places of entry. We not only included a number of audio teachings, but numerous articles for you to read. To enhance your learning experience, we also added a section on intercession, and some pertinent prophetic articles.

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