Angelic Watchers and The Sons of Issachar

On Sunday, May 2nd, our congregation received a visit from an angel that came bearing a message from heaven.  During the worship time I noticed that the spiritual atmosphere of the entry way to the sanctuary was brighter than usual. As a Seer, I often detect when a spiritual change takes place in the atmosphere. A change where the spiritual atmosphere becomes brighter or transitions to various shades of darkness, (a feeler may feel peace, love, a sense heaviness etc.) tells me that a significant spiritual shift is taking place. When this happens, I want to know why!


Just as Moses needed to observe the fire burning in the midst of the bush before the Lord spoke to him, there is a process required in order to hear from heaven to understand what is taking place on earth. So I asked the Lord, “What is this light that I see” and the Lord replied, “This is a Watcher.”


God has angels on assignment called “Watchers.” (Daniel 4:12) A Watcher knows the times, seasons and cycles of the Lord. They also observe the spiritual and natural events taking place on earth. They also monitor the activities of Gods people and how they are responding to fulfill their destiny. As messengers of the Lord they often communicate to those called to know the times, (Sons of Issachar) and communicate the heart of God to watchmen of intercession and those called with a specific purpose.


As messengers of the Lord they convey what God has decreed in heaven to men on earth. Sometimes this takes place through prophecy, vision and dreams or through an angelic visitation (Such as Gabriel who visited Mary and Zacharias) that men may know the heart, purpose and will of God. (See Daniel 4:12-17, 4: 19-34 and Luke 1)


Recently I instructed our people how to respond to angelic visitations and various spiritual manifestations. A common response to someone with a strong prophetic gifting is to accept from them at face value a prophetic word or that which is taking place in the spiritual realm. Because of the gifting of the messenger the message is often accepted as true and from heaven. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.


I have seen problems arise from this as well as angels appearing as a light to deceive God’s people. I too have been deceived and thus understand that with the increase of spiritual activity there is also the need for greater wisdom and training. Every born again Christian is gifted by the Holy Spirit to know the Lord’s voice with the ability to discern His presence and witness His works.  To provide a safety net, whenever there is Kingdom spiritual activity in our midst, I will often call for a corporate witness.


To lay the foundation I taught the people how to test the spirits to see if they are of the Lord and how to respond appropriately. To help develop their discernment, I will often ask them to share what is spiritual taking place and how the Lord is moving. This has been a powerful tool to activate their discernment and to bring forth a corporate understanding of what is taking place at any time. It has also served to usher in unity with a peace when everyone moves in the same direction with understanding.


Now that we had a Watcher from heaven standing in the entry way to the sanctuary, this gave me the perfect opportunity to utilize this visitation as a training exercise. I was not prepared however for the powerful impact that followed and the impartation of a higher anointing for the ministry of interpretation and knowing the times.




The Sons of Issachar


Without revealing what I knew, I asked the congregation to look into the area of the foyer and asked for their discernment. Some felt peace, others sensed warriors anointing while others perceived light and so on. Now that everyone witnessed that there was an angel in our midst, I asked that we corporately try the spirit by asking it, “Can you say that Jesus Christ is Lord?”(1 Jn 4:1-3)  Without testing a spirit, we are presuming they have come in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! This assumption can open the door for a flood of confusion, division, and spiritual oppression!


The response to testing this spirits was a resounding “yes.” Now that I had a corporate witness, I informed the people that this angel was a Watcher. After doing a brief teaching on angelic Watches, I asked them if they wanted to invite him in. With anticipation, they did so and immediately a heavy anointing fell. It was like being bathed in the oil of intercession and for war.


The Spirit of prophecy then came that was electrifying. The word was that the Lord was imparting a higher level of anointing for the Watchmen’s ministry and the ministry of interpretation of prophecy, visions, and dreams, as well as the impartation for the Issachar anointing spoken of in 1 Chronicles 12:32, “And of the Children of Issachar, there were men of understanding of the times, to know what Israel out to do.”


God is releasing the Joseph anointing, which is not only the ability to interpret dreams but the wisdom of God to know how to properly prepare the people for the times so they will know what to do.  Joseph not only interpreted Pharaoh’s dream disclosing that Egypt would experience 7 years of prosperity followed by 7 years of famine but how to instruct the people to prepare for the famine.


In doing so, they prospered during both the good years and the lean years. It is this anointing of wisdom that God is releasing to instruct others that will enable people to prosper even during times of disaster, famine, and destruction. Like the ark of Noah, being properly prepared for the times may mean the difference between being washed away by a flood or the ability to ride upon it tucked away in the Ark of safety!




Watchmen of Intercession


Another word that came during this time is that the anointing is being released for a higher level of intercession. Watchmen are now coming into a spiritual realm where they not only know the heart of God, but the ability to see into the camp of the enemy to disclose the plans of the adversary. Along with this is the ability to know the plans of the Lord with the wisdom to carry out divine strategies. Instead of the church being ambushed by the enemy, the Church will ambush the enemy.


Heaven and earth are about to collide. Soon the veil between the two will become so thin, that the church will enter into the heavenly realm at will. And like Jacobs ladder, many will watch the angels of the Lord ascend and descend from heaven.


Watchers of the Lord will timely appear at meetings and during times of intercession, as well as to individuals. As timely messengers these watchers will communicate God’s heart with specific knowledge and instruction that will enable the Church to carry out the Father’s will on earth as it is in heaven. These Watchers know the cycles, seasons and times of the Lord.  Working with God’s people, they will release the wisdom and understanding of these times upon the earth through those that know how to intercede, declare and decree God’s purpose with Kingdom power and authority.


Others will interpret visions, prophecy, and dreams of those in politics, business, and even Kings, instructing them with the wisdom of God that will enable them how to prepare for the times and even prosper even during the hard times.



Message on CD


Last Sunday, May 16th, I gave a message that encompasses the above and much, much more. You can listen to this powerful message by clicking on “Angelic Watchers and the Sons of Issachar.” Or you may purchase the CD for $8.00 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling, by calling our office at (207) 236-4904. To order by mail send a check for $10.50 to PDM, PO Box 711, Camden Maine o48434.


In His heart and love,

Roy Roden