Eastgate House of Glory

"And the glory of the Lord filled the House" - Ezekiel 44:4

* Coming Soon in Midcoast Maine

I had a powerful prophetic dream.

In 2005, the Lord gave me powerful prophetic dream. I was standing in the back of a large room that had no ceiling. Upfront on the platform was a group of worshippers stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree that stood at least 22 feet tall. As they worshipped, breakouts of God’s glory radiated from the top. Like large oceans waves, the Lord’s presence flowed towards the back of the room. At that time, we were silent in reverence while basking in His glory.

People were coming in a side door two by two. I was reminded of Noah's Ark as they were coming into a place of safety. I had the privilege of laying hands on each of them, and in doing so, God's healing virtue touched everyone.

This dream is the short version but confirms the prophecies I have received. Prophecies such as I have the mantle of David. As a worshipper with the heart of a lover and the spirit of a warrior, I long see the Lord’s House established where worship is central to all we do. I believe anointed ministry flows from the throne of God through those who stand in His presence to reveal God's manifest glory on earth as in heaven.

From 1997 to 2018, I held regional worship /equipping conferences, Schools of the Spirit, and weekly Church services on Sunday.

Since 2018, we modernized our website, created a broadcasting ministry, enlarged our board of directors, developed training resources, established a satellite Academy School of the Spirit, and established a solid foundation for the Lord to build upon.

Please join with us in making declarations and proclamations to call in a House of Worship in Midcoast, Maine.

Our declaration and proclamations

To call forth property in Midcoast Maine to establish an apostolic/prophetic center
For worshipping warriors to arise with the heart of David
For anointed musicians to flow together in the unity of the Spirit
For God's army to arise and march to the cadence of the heartbeat of heaven.
For healing, the awakening anointing, and God’s love to manifest
For the Lord of Host, mighty in battle, to prevail and rule in our midst.

In His heart – Roy Roden