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With Eastgate Academy webinars, there is no need to fly, reserve a hotel room or rent a car. Perfect for groups, the Spirit of the Lord’s presence is so strong, it’s as if you are attending a conference right in the comfort of your meeting location. Our webinars are designed for the participants to be interactive. Using PowerPoints for enhanced teaching along with inspirational activation exercises, will take you deeper in the Spirit, draw you closer to the Lord, enlarge your heart with the Father’s love as you unlock your gifts in a safe atmosphere.


Eastgate Academy Webinar Courses

    Below is a selection of some of our favorite courses. You can either choose one of these options, or contact our office for a webinar tailored specifically for your group. There is no group to large or too small. Miss a meeting? No problem, our Webinars are recorded live and available for replays.  For more information, Or For A FREE DEMO,  contact our office at info@eastgateoffice.org or call (207) 230-8473.

The Spirit of prophecy, His Voice Revealed- Rev.19:10: A 7-week course, the year 2020 begins a new decade known as “The Voice.” Your heart is a treasure vault that contains the living Word of God. Learn how you can release His Word in the power of the Spirit, change spiritual atmospheres, prophesy and break spiritual strongholds and teach from the place of heaven.  Price $85.00 /person

Watchmen on the Walls Is. 62:6: This 8-week course covers the 5 types of Watchmen, the call of Watchmen and Watchmen as warriors that open the portals of heaven and stand guard at the gates on earth. Learn how you can watch with the Lord to release heaven on earth. Price $85.00 /person

The Gift of Prophecy 1 Cor. 14:3,31 This 9-week course covers how God speaks, activating your five senses, knowing your personal indicators, prophetic impressions, interpreting revelation and much more. Included are articles such as how to activate your group and form prophetic ministry teams. Price $125 /person

The Sons of Issachar 1 Chron.12:32:  This 5- week course covers the Sons of Issachar anointing - a new breed of leadership, how to discern the times, receive strategies from heaven, and how to prepare the people to prosper in the midst of darkness and usher in a Kingdom invasion.  Price $75.00 /person

The Art of Spiritual Warfare 2 Cor. 10:4-5: This 8-week course covers recognizing spiritual strongholds, defeating witchcraft, breaking curses, utilizing your weapons of war, the power of unity, how to render a blessing, ushering in God’s presence and deploying the strategies of heaven. Price $85.00 /person

Life in the Kingdom 1 Colossians 1:13: This 8-week course will empower you as a manifest child of God to walk in your identity and live the more “abundant life”  that is your inheritance in Christ. The call is to rise and shine with the light of the Father’s glory, being filled with the Spirit doing the works that Jesus did in everyday life. Price $85.00 /person

Bathed in the Fathers love 1 John 4:16-17:  During this 5-week course you will experience and receive an impartation of God’s eternal love. Created in His image, God’s love clothes you from on high with the supernatural ability to manifest His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Price 55.00 / person

Impart the Fire Luke 3:16: During this 8-week course we will look at the nature and purpose of the fire of God, the passion of Christ for His people to ignite with the life, light and love of the fire of God and igniting others with the Spirit and the coming revival. Price $85.00 /person.

Need More Information or to design a course to meet your needs, send an email to info@eastgateoffice.org or call our office at (207) 230-8473

In His amazing love and grace,

Roy Roden