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School of Watchmen / Seer 2014


Conducted at “The Gathering Church” at Moravian Falls, these teachings are being called “revolutionary.” They bring to the table a whole new dimension of operating from the realm of heaven, the heart of the Father on earth in the power of the Spirit.  These teachings not only encompass the Watchmen / Seer ministry but how to see from God’s perspectives from the realm of heaven to know His purpose. AND… how to open the gates for the King of glory to come in and much, much more. These teachings will bring you to another spiritual level.

CD Titles 1. The Call to See, 2. See the Open Door  3. Our Weapons of War, 4. Four types of Watchmen, 5. Rise and Shine with Glory, 6. Four Ways of Prophetic Perception, 7. A Burst of Glory

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