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Prophetic Tidbit – Sons of Love – Revealing the heartbeat of Heaven #1, Jan. 20, 2020

In 1977, I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Shortly after my conversion, I had a powerful prophetic experience. During a worship service, I went into a trance. The atmosphere around me shifted to that of the Kingdom of God and His presence. (In a trance you can be aware of your surroundings while encountering God). I then saw above me an open heaven.

I heard my heavenly Father say, “Welcome home Son.” I then knew that heaven was not only a place that I shall go to in the afterlife, but a present place to dwell in this life. With my left hand raised towards heaven in praise, my heavenly Father reached down and taking my hand, baptized me to overflowing with His eternal love. I then cried “Daddy!” (Abba Father -Romans 8:15).

Over the years I have had numerous experiences of being re-filled with His amazing love. Once through an impartation through an apostolic minister, but most of the time it takes place unexpectedly when God fills my heart with His eternal love that takes my breath away.

Our ministry is known to carry and impart the Father’s heart that reveals His love. Not perfectly and over the years, I have made many mistakes, shortcomings and failures. Selfishness, pride and insecurity counters the grace of God’s love. God faithfully used these as a platform to teach me where I left the path of love and why, just to refill my heart once again. Time and time His love has empowered me with the strength and courage to rise up and walk forward in love.

In the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me about the urgency to teach on the Father’s heart and to impart His love to those who desire to be filled with the light of His love that wakens hearts and fills their inner most being with the eternal life of His presence.

In obedience, I am responding to this call by posting a weekly short article called “Prophetic Tidbit” The first Tidbit I am posting below is called “Sons of love.”



The apostle John tells us that “God is love” (1 John 4:16). Love is the divine nature of God; it is who He is. His love is the highest form of love known as Agape love, which is different than human love. His love is pure and His love is Holy.

The apostle Peter tells us that we are “partakes of His divine nature” (2 Peter 1:3). At any time, we can come before His throne to partake of His healing virtue (Luke 8:45-47) His wisdom and understanding, His strength, peace and joy for He is the riches of the glory that is our inheritance in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:18).

When we partake of God’s divine nature because He is love, we become love. As it is written, “As He is in heaven, so are we in this world (1 John 4:17).”  To be filled with the light of His light and life of His love, the essence of His being, makes us Sons of Love.

In His Heart – Roy Roden