Prophetic Words Concerning the Election

   For days prior to the election, I heard “Trump will be re-elected as President.” What most people do not understand is that God does elect those He desires to rule. King Saul was the people’s choice, but David, was anointed by Samuel to be King by the direction of the Lord. And like King David, many that are called are opposed and persecuted by their adversaries. If you would like a preview of what our president has gone and the evil we face in these times, watch “The plot against the President” on Amazon prime.

Concerning the Election, I would like to share the following with you.

   On November 27th I posted on FB, “Towards the end of the week of October (19th -24th) and over the weekend, I have felt a strong political movement taking place. Like an avalanche that releases a torrent of snow at the sound of thunder that picks up speed and momentum as it races downhill, so is this political move. It feels very peaceful but powerful.

  The qualities of an avalanche: “An event when a layer of snow fractures and slides down a steep slope. As the force of the snow accelerates rapidly, it picks up speed and momentum and grows in mass and volume as it entrains more snow” (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

I believe the force of this movement will cause President Trump to be re-elected.

   On November 1st I posted on FB “The month of November is a month to remember, a month of praise with thanksgiving for all that you Lord, have done.”  

  On November 3rd, with the start of the Election day broadcast, I immediately sensed a major fraud taking place. Something was not right. The way the election was going just didn’t add up.

    On November 4th:  Despite my anxiety, at numerous times from deep within, the Spirit will rise up that causes me to burst with audible laughter. I love this freeing joy of the Lord. I began to understand the Lord is confirming Psalms 2, particularly verse 4,” He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall have them in derision.” As a prophetic minister, I will understand that, knowingly or unknowingly, we can express the heart and purpose of the Father through our deeds, words and actions- that which we call “prophetic acts.”

I then began to hear thoughts such as,

 “Watch my miracle take place.”

 “A blue state will flip red.”

  I have also been asked to fast from watching the news for 7 days. Since then friends have passed onto me the following encouraging words by well know prophetic voices. The links are listed below. They are encouraging.  Remember, what God speaks we decree. The heavens belong to the Lord and the earth He has given to men (Psalms 115:16). It is our role to partner with the Lord as watchmen and intercessors, to decree from heaven, His word that goes out to accomplish that which pleases Him (Isaiah 55:11).

 The Election is not over by Dutch Sheets

  A Word for the United States of America by Lana Vawser post on the Elijah List

  A prophetic Word by Charlie Shamp on the Elijah List called “Pennsylvania – The Keystone State.”

   Charlie Shamp also did a recent update on video at

   An update on the Election on Sid Roth with Kevin Zadai and Tracy Cooke

  Kat Kerr confirms Trump will win his second term interview with Steve Shultz

Blessings with love Roy