The Woman of War – A poem by Roy Roden









Her voice is soft but roars like thunder.

Clothed in brilliant armor without even a whisper

She wields her sword casting demons asunder

As she rides with Christ her Lord and Savior


Exuding grace and strength regal in stature

In worship she falls prostrate as a willing captive

To the eternal love of her heavenly Father

The place of freedom as a confident warrior


Like Queen Ester, she holds the eye of the King

As Jon of Arc the armies of heaven she does lead

Through intercession she moves the heart of the Father

Who leads her to victory as her chief commander


Standing before Christ in heavenly places

She mines God’s wisdom like precious silver

Hidden in the vault of her pure heart

Lies the issue of life, her divine treasure


A mighty warrior that roars like a Lion

But tender in heart for the Glory of Zion

Wielding the sword with deadly hands

She takes dominion of her promise Land


More than a mother she’s heaven’s avenger

Granted by God with the timeless honor

To crush the serpents head – the great deceiver

In the power of the gospel with signs and wonders.


   Prophetic Tidbit:Now is the time for the lioness to rise up to be all they are created to be. It will be to the women that God will ascribe with great honor, because of the enmity they have with the serpent (Genesis 3:15), to crush its head. For by Christ power that dwells within, from the place of His victory at Calvary, they shall be used mightily to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3;8).