We recently changed the name of our ministry from Destiny Eastgate Ministries, to just “Eastgate Ministries.” (For simplicity and vision clarification and purpose) This name is now registered with the Federal Government and the State of Maine.

Eastgate Logos

I am looking for a simple logo that represents the “Eastgate.”  If you have an artist rendition of this, please submit it to me. The winner will receive $333.00 plus our “Basic Training for the Gift of Prophecy” manual that includes 15 PowerPoint teachings on a USB, training manual, and a 3 DVD set that contains 12 activation exercises. This teacher’s edition (coming out this fall) will sell for $555.00.

This comprehensive teachers edition is great for anything that desires to equip and train a group in the prophetic and form prophetic teams.

The meaning of Eastgate – the gate where God enters His temple, the Sanctuary -the House of the Lord, to fill the house with His glory.

In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet is taken to the  East gate of the temple where he beheld the glory of the Lord come from the East, “and His voice was like the sound of many waters, and earth shined with His glory… and the glory of the Lord filled the house.” (43:1-2, 4 & 5) .

We also see in chapter 44, the prophet is brought back to the sanctuarythat has a gate that faces the East and again the prophet saw the Lord coming by way of the east and  “The gory of the Lord filled thehouse of the Lord (44:4)

We also see that after the glory of the Lord fills His house, living waters flow out of the Eastgate that becomes a river that waters the region with the life of God’s presence.

So, does anyone have a rendition of what the “Eastgate” based on the above scriptures may look like? Simplicity is the key (Hmmm-key is important). Send art to roy@eastgateoffice.org

Here is an example of simple logos by MorningStar. As you can see, it can be place on any colored background, and the eagle will be displayed looking towards the eastern star on a white background. This logos is simple but yet profound.