A Season of Great Grace


Today, October 16th is my 68th birthday. I am getting younger as I get older. He is our fountain of youth for in His presence; there is fullness of joy and life forevermore.

With every promise, there is a manifestation of God’s grace. For instance, I recently saw an optometrist for my left eye that was inflamed. The eye test revealed my left eye has 20/20 vision, and my right eye, 20/15. What is peculiar is that 2 years ago, the vision in my left eye was 20/30 and my right eye was 20/25. In this season, God is giving us clearer vision to see His purpose with understanding.

God is moving with healing in His wings. For the past three months, my heavenly Father walked me through a season of inner reflection with healing that has imparted greater wisdom and understanding. Many are going through the same process that will enable them to host the weight of the light of His glory.

Today I will be picking up a hearing aid that cost nearly 7 thousand dollars (And it’s free). It’s actually a headset with blue tooth technology that can be paired with your cell phone and television. In this NEW Season, God is giving His people better hearing! It is imperative in this hour that we hear His voice to follow Him.

The Lord recently placed upon my heart to host a “Heart of David” School of Worship next year (With Willie Jordan and friends). As a confirmation, a prophet friend of our ministry called and said the Lord put on his heart to donate $3,300 dollars to Eastgate for the purpose of conducting a conference. Yes, Lord!

I could go on and on of the testimonies of favor and blessings that reveals the manifestation of God’s grace in this new season. But in essence,

The Grace of God is granting an upgrade with better vision and hearing with increased favor and provision with an increase of the light of His glory. This is all in preparation to advance His Kingdom “on earth as in heaven.”


Have you been seeing the number 555? Five stands for grace and 555 that of great grace. By the grace of God, we are now being positioned to receive the fullness of the inheritance that is ours in Christ Jesus. He is our Promised Land (Deut. 11:11).

The time will come and now is, where the apostolic /prophetic ministry will be revealed in power and demonstration of the Spirit. Like the apostles of the first Church, great power is being released that will give testimony of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus,

“And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all” (Acts 4:33).

This has been and will be, a glorious year and the best is still to come.

In His heart and love – Roy Roden