An Appeal to Heaven – The Call For an Outpouring of His Spirit

I have come to embrace a deep conviction. We desperately need an outpouring of God’s Spirit, especially His love. God’s glory and His love are the same. I recently heard others express the same passion. Unless there is a change, everything will remain the same. The destructive trend-taking place in the lives of God’s people can no longer continue. In order to prevail in the days ahead, we need God!

I have witnessed a disturbing increase of deception, false revelation with conflicting confirmations that create strife and division throughout the region. God is not double minded. It seems we have that privilege – obeying God when it is convenient and selecting prophecies that are self-serving. Self-centeredness masked as “being led by the Spirit” or because “God has said,” that brings confusion and division is often spiritually justified. God’s ways redeem, restores and renews. His ways bring a blessing and prosperity with peace and joy IN the Spirit. His ways unifies the body of Christ. It does not bring division, discord, and separation.

How easily we shift blame to others for our condition. How easily we validate our hearts position when the fruit of our justification is contrary to God’s divine nature, purpose and vision. The pain and wounds caused by all of this run deep. The sad part is many remain indifferent, even stubborn and rebellious. The good news is Gods love runs deeper than any wound and heart condition, for His love never fails.

Recently there was a trumpet call for His people to commit to the Lord’s pruning process. His process always leads to promotion with a new level of spiritual authority. I am also witnessing an emerging ring of fellowship of the brethren united by love. The power of this fellowship ordained in heaven is releasing the blessing and life of Christ to them. A breakout of the Spirit is coming through them!

A Fresh Revelation

We need a fresh revelation of Jesus. The apostle Paul prayed for the Church to receive the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that our hearts may be enlightened IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIM. That we may know the hope of HIS calling, the riches of HIS glory and to know the greatness of HIS power that HE may fill HIS body – the Church, with all of HIMSELF (Ephesians. 1:17-23).

The greatness of His power and the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints cannot be fully revealed until the members of His body are unified in Christ.

An outpouring of the Holy Spirit will create a much-needed acceleration of spiritual growth. His love heals the brokenhearted, open prisons doors and sets the captives free. His love will resolve much of the problems that exist in the Church today. His love will bring the members of His body together in Christ.

When God’s people are filled to overflowing with the Spirit, they become a river of love. A river that flows from the Father’s heart;

With the power to: Restore and heal broken relationships * Wash away uncleanliness * Break demonic influences and strongholds * Transforms religious beliefs into Kingdom reality * Restore our true identity as beloved sons and daughters * Empower believers for the work of ministry but above all, to live life from the heart of the Father.

As a redeemed new creation, our life is to display the power, authority, and glory of Christ and His Kingdom. There has to be those who will rise up in the power and demonstration of the Spirit; a voice that reveals the Father’s heart to fulfill His purpose –“On earth as in heaven.” United we stand and together we win.

Our Father in Heaven, We pray for an outpouring of your Spirit. We ask that you pour out a river of your love. Fill us to overflowing. We ask for more of your heart, your divine nature, your life and ways. We ask for the oil of unity that works by love.

As Jesus prayed (John 17) that we might be one as the Father and the Son are one. We pray for the members of your body to come together “as one” in Christ to edify itself in love, that we may grow up into a perfect man – the fullness of Christ.

Let your love be the rule of our lives as you reign supreme in our hearts.

In Jesus perfect name we pray, AMEN.