The Coming Outpouring of God’s Love

A Tsunami of God’s love is about to sweep across this land. Its power will awaken this Nation and the body of Christ. His love transforms hearts with the grace to heal relationships. This unprecedented surge of His sweeping love will wash away all offenses and heal the brokenhearted and restore the wounded and the fallen.

God’s pure cleansing love will once again create a new dawn to rise in the heart of His people. Elevated to a new spiritual level, hope deferred will no longer exist. Instead, the faith of Christ will cause believers to rise and shine with the visible light of His glory (Is. 60:1-3). As a mobilized army, they will march to heavens’ heartbeat.

The Father of glory is coming to fill His house with His glory (Ez. 44:4). In the atmosphere of His eternal love, people will hear His voice that reveals His heart. Seeing the revelation of the true image of God will shake many to the core. Those of a religious mindset will be set free. Others will dance with abundant joy. Embraced in the Father’s loving arms, those suffering from a rejected heart will cry “Abba Father.” The infusion of God’s love will once again enable the Church to become a living thriving body of Christ.

Church life is about to radically change. In His presence, believers will walk as God’s beloved sons and daughters of the Kingdom. Many will take up the torch of the Father’s love to ignite others to burn ablaze with the life of Gods’ presence. Like a river overflowing its banks, the love of God will be shed abroad from the heart of God’s people to touch the lives of others with His Spirit (Romans 5:5).

The rain of His glorious love will be poured out upon the earth that will permeate into every aspect of life. It will start as a river that rises to the ankles, and then to the knees, until it becomes a raging river that one cannot pass over (Ez. 47).

Unfortunately, the Church is divided today. The accuser of the brethren is at work to create division and strife among those engaged in accusations and faultfinding. Listen to the promise given to those who will put away the “pointing of the finger and speaking vanity” God will cause your light to shine as the noonday sun. You shall be like well-watered garden, a spring whose waters fail not;

“ And those of you shall build the old waste places, and you shall raise up the foundations of many and you shall be called the repairers of the breach, the Restorer of paths to dwell in” (See Isaiah 58:9 -12).


The Age of True Love

This is the age of true love. God in His power can command every knee to bow, but love commanded is not true love. It is by being filled with the Father’s love – the gift that keeps on giving, that we are empowered to love others as God does. The gift of His love is an eternal treasure worth more than refined gold and silver.

It is because of our love for Him and for His people to fulfill His purpose, that we willingly and freely obey His voice and His commandments. In doing so, Jesus promised that He will reveal Himself to us and the Father will love us. And …they will come and make their habitation with us (John 14:21-24). Oh, what joy of fellowship we have with the indwelling presence of the Father and His Son.

Have we really learned to love when our motives, deeds, and actions fail to bring healing and restoration but instead create division and separation? Are we living in truth when we justify our reason for rejecting others? Personally, I have never seen so much deception that comes from self-justification. Even though the fruit bears a cesspool of pollution where living waters are to flow, people tenaciously choose to be judgmental and critical harboring resentment and un-forgiveness.

A revelation of the Cross-where perfect love was on display is coming. The manifest love of God, who has forgiven us for our sins through the atonement of Jesus, is about to sweep over every hill and valley. As it is written, in the last days God will pour out His Spirit upon ALL flesh. His Spirit and His love are the same for “God is love” (1 John 4:16). With the outpouring of His Spirit, His love will touch every heart in every Nation. There will be no escape nor should we desire to (Acts 2:17).


The Ring of Fellowship

A ring of fellowship is forming by God-fearing brothers and sisters that have the heartbeat of heaven. I am not referring to the friends we choose to hang out with, but a divinely appointed Kingdom alignment forged by the King. Together, they are forming an apostolic/prophetic network. United with the King to fulfill His purpose “on earth as in heaven” they stand against the tide of evil. Laying down their own agenda and personal desires, the joining of their mantles will promote greater authority that will impact the region with the liberating gospel of Christ and His Kingdom.

Did You Learn to Love

One of my favorite stories is an account told by the late Prophet Bob Jones. Early in life, Bob died and was taken to heaven. Before entering in, Bob was asked one question, “Did you learn to love?” Bob was not asked what works he did for Christ, nor his good deeds, how much he gave to the Church or his participation. Rather he was asked, “Did you learn to love?” Bob was then sent back to carry the torch of the same message to the body of Christ. After fulfilling His mission, the Lord took him home on Valentines Day. Bob Jones was a man that carried the Father’s heart.

A house divided will not stand, but united in Christ we shall win. It is my prayer for God to pour out His love. As this takes place the prayer of Jesus will be fulfilled that we may be one in the Father and His son, as He and the Father are one (John 17). It is here in His presence overflowing with His love, that the Church will rise as a shining light that reveals the risen Christ and His glory.

In His heart with abundant joy – Roy