Eastgate Ministries Update by Roy Roden

Update for Eastgate Ministries

 During this time of rest, God is preparing Eastgate for a new launch. As a metaphor, Eastgate is like a ship at the docks. Here at rest, the Lord is creating a “reset” where the Spirit is preparing our sails for a new launching this fall.

In my personal preparation, the scripture comes to mind, 2nd Peter 1:10,  “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if you do these things, you shall never fall (fail).” 

     Gift of Prophecy:I continue to develop the “The Basic Training for the Gift of Prophecy.” This material contains 15 foundational teachings that use PowerPoint slides, a comprehensive manual and a DVD that contains 22 activation exercises, filmed with a live audience. These ‘How to” activation exercises accompany the teachings. They enable the participants to engage with the Holy Spirit to minister to one another as doers of the word.

This resource will enable leaders to present this course to their group. Starting with basics, it progressively develops in depth and scope to where the teacher is able to form the participants into well-equipped prophetic ministry teams.

  New Website:  By the end of this year, our Webmaster will have our new website for Eastgate Ministries up and running. The new website will provide interactive, online School of the Spirit training courses. Courses such as the Gift of Prophecy, How to preform a Spiritual House Cleansing, The Art of Spiritual Warfare, The Ministry of the Watchmen,” will over time, be available as on line courses.

Of course, by request all of these and more training sessions for equipping the saints are available to conduct at your church or ministry location. For more information, send an email to roy@eastgateoffice.org

It is the passion of Eastgate to help meet the need for equipping and training. Our door is open to every Church, ministry and Christian denomination. Over the years those who have gone through our Schools of the Spirit, attended our webinars and equipping conferences, are still impacting their business, Church and ministries for Christ and His Kingdom.

Whether people come to us or we go to them, God has given to us the passion to empower, equip and deploy believers for the work of ministry. Our heart is for the Kingdom of God and His people- the body of Christ.   In all that we do, we seek to reveal the Father’s heart to strengthen and build up the household of faith – His Church in love. To God be the praise and glory.

In His heart with love and joy – Roy