God’s New Grid of Watchmen of Intercession

In the summer of 2009,  I received a vision from the Lord of a spiritual grid that contained some strategies as to how Watchman can take and possess territory. I believe the Lord is mobilizing Watchmen of Intercession to become part of an elite force to work undercover as His secret agents. Their purpose is to observe with prophetic vision, that which is taking place in their assigned watch to hear from the Father’s heart and intercede accordingly.  Together, they form a network where the intelligence gathered is communicated to a command center for evaluation.  From there, effective strategies and counter measures can be implemented with Special Forces deployed to do great exploits in the region. Let me explain further.

A New Spiritual Grid

It begins with establishing a local spiritual grid made up of sectors occupied by watchmen of intercession. These grids are established by spiritual land marks established by the Lord. A landmark determines the boundaries of an area for ownership. Historically, landmarks include geographical features such as rivers, mountains and lakes and other natural features, as well as stakes that mark the boundaries that define the area of a piece of real estate, city, and county.

Likewise, we can survey the land to establish landmarks on a geographic map to establish areas to be occupied by the Church for spiritual ownership. God has a purpose for each city, county, and State. These landmarks when interconnected form a grid that contains the shape of each sector to be taken and occupied by watchmen of intercession.

world A grid may consist of horizontal and vertical lines that determine the layout of a topographical area. Where the lines intersect a grid is created. For instance, a global grid is formed by the intersection of lines of latitude and longitude to determine the location of areas on earth. Likewise, a grid can be formed by defining counties and districts that watchmen are to occupy with intercession.

What if each Town, Country, and State were mapped out in a grid with each sector in a grid occupied by a net work of watchmen of intercession?  I believe this is one of the Lord’s strategies for taking the Promise Land, our inheritance in Christ.


Occupy the Territory

It is not enough to take ground, but that we hold it. Spiritual forces have changed landmarks that define an area now occupied by principalities and powers. A principality is a power that rules over a city, country, state, and region to govern its affairs. Satan has a net work of demons assigned to a territory for occupation. What would happen if the Church rose up to contend each area for Christ? After all, what Satan does is a counterfeit of that which belongs to the church!

Let’s use the State of Maine for an example. In 2009, the Governor of Maine enacted a law making it legal to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. This, in essence, change a Scriptural landmark established by God that defines marriage as a union between a man and woman. By enacting a law counter to God’s purpose and plan, it changed the Biblical spiritual boundaries that God has set for mankind, a consequence that will bring a curse upon the land. (See Deut. Chapter 28)

When the people observe both the natural and spiritual landmarks, they will inherit the land and prosper. When the landmarks are changed, the people forfeit their inheritance and by doing so, are giving their ownership with covenant rights to another. The Lord forbids moving a natural landmark as set forth in Scripture “You shall not remove your neighbor’s landmark, which they of old time have set for your inheritance, which you shall inherit the land that the Lord your God gives to you to possess it (Deut. 19:14).

We can also apply the same principle of changing the natural landmarks to that of the spiritual as set forth by God in scripture. Thank God for watchmen such as Bob Emrich of the Jeremiah Project in Maine. Bob sounded the clarion call for the church to sign a petition to vote on the issue of same sex marriage.  ABC news made this statement “The tide of extending marriage rights to same-sex couples – which has swept across New England in recent months – has stopped at Maine.”

This was all preceded by the church mobilizing in prayer that formed a line of defense that held back the forces of hell. Because the church mobilized to take action, the spiritual landmark established by God as recorded in Scripture was re-established when the same sex law that the governor enacted was defeated by an overwhelming majority. To gain traction requires action!


The Battle Is Spiritual

The real battle that we wrestle against is not with flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, and against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

The natural always reflect that which is taking place in the spiritual. Today the enemy has occupied much of the Church, as well as the spiritual territory the church is to occupy. There are domains (Kingdoms) other than the occupation of lands, such as the economy, education, media, arts, government and the military that the church is to influence and occupy. These are kingdoms that influence society and its culture, beliefs and even its religion. The spiritual forces that occupy these realms are the governing force with the power and authority to rule over these Kingdoms. The church must gain the high ground of every Kingdom in order to occupy these spheres with an influence that impacts these areas with the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The landmarks established will determine the extent of the domains and their boundaries by the governing powers that have the rule. For instance, Hollywood has taken the high ground of entertainment. Over the decades, they have pressed the envelope of morality to gradually change what is acceptable by its viewers. The goal of entertainment is to change the boundaries of the fiber of this nation’s morality to flood the earth with its filth. Its goal is to release the spirit of murder, lust and violence, rivers of sewage that defiles the soul of mankind. What entertains you becomes a part of you.

In defiance of God’s divine order, the adversary is always seeking to change the boundaries of God to establish his demonic domain, which has no boundaries at all. He knows that whoever sets the landmarks has ownership with territorial rights. His goal is to occupy every seat of authority that has influence over mankind, knowing that in doing so, he controls the state of the mind of men.

The battle that rages today is for dominion of the Church. Judgment has begun and if must first begin with the household of faith. Before we can take dominion of any area, the Church must first be occupied by the Holy Spirit with Gods people established in a standard of righteousness. The Lord is presently purging and purifying His people to become “Oaks of Righteousness” whose roots are grounded in the love and divine nature of God. When the Church is filled with the glory of God and His righteousness, they will impact their region for Christ for “Thy Kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” However, the church must minister the message of the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, as Christ did on earth, in order to demonstrate the power and rule of Christ through His Church on earth.

Before us looms a great war between the forces of light and darkness. We know that as the darkness increases, the light of God will become even greater. Now is the time to;

Arise and shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you (Is. 60:1-2).

A Divine Plan

God has a marvelous plan to empower the church to cross Jordan to take possession of the Promise Land. God is equipping and mobilizing watchmen of intercession in every community, city and State. We are called to both take the land and possess it. In order to take and possess the land, the Lord is mobilizing an army of radical worshipping warriors and watchmen of intercession. As they march forward being led by the Lord of Host, the land they take through worship and praise and intercession, is to be spiritually occupied by God’s people. Just as the Promise Land was taken by the army of the Lord led by Joshua and Caleb who defeated their enemies, the people that followed behind them, their families, took possession of the Land and occupied it.

It is the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit t (raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, heal the sick and open prison doors to set the captives free- Mt 10: 7-8)  that displaces demonic strongholds. The Kingdom of Satan seeks to rule in the hearts of men. Thus, when men’s hearts are converted to Christ, His Kingdom can be established in the region through the hearts of men that love holiness and righteousness. We can begin this process by each church or ministry, establishing a spiritual grid in their area and set worshipping warriors of intercession on the walls. The promise is given to us in 2 Chronicles by the Lord, that,

If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

If the church will mobilize in prayer and worship, as one we can turn the spiritual tide from that of the domain of Satan to that of our Lord’s. Before we can take the ground in the natural, we must first take the high ground of the spiritual and hold it. The promise is given to us in Psalms 133:1-3, that when the people of God come together in unity and in one accord, like the day of Pentecost, “for there (from the place of unity) the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore” (verse 3). There is power in unity as it greatly multiplies the Churches influence and authority.


We Must Be Pro Active

King David recognized that “The heavens are the Lord’s: but the earth He has given to the children of men” (Ps. 115:16). From the very beginning, as recorded in Genesis, the Lord has given the land to His people for an inheritance.  He will not do anything however unless the people make their petitions through intercession. Much of what has happened on earth is because of a lack of intercession. It is because we have been asleep on our watch desensitized to what the enemy is flaunting right in our face that has allowed the domain of Satan to penetrate the high ground of every sphere of influence. (Church, media, government, education, etc.)

The Lord is raising up those with the Phineas anointing that will stand for righteousness, true warriors that run to the sound of battle and intercede after His own heart. To accomplish this, many are being called as Watchmen to take their stand to become a voice in the region. Like Paul Revere, they will ride sounding the alarm when the enemy is approaching. Many are also being anointed for the ministry of mobilization and that of numbers, to gather an end time force to stand against the tide of evil and push it back.

And like the prophet Elisha, His watchmen will see with prophetic vision the schemes of the enemy. However, their major role is to know when the Lord is present and that which He desires to accomplish. As the Lord said through the prophet Isaiah, “I have set watchmen upon the walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: you that make mention of the Lord, keep not silent” (Is. 62:6).


Spiritual Surveyors – Forming a New Grid.

The landmarks of righteousness and divine order that has been changed and now occupied by the adversary must be taken and reestablished by the Church. The Lord’s landmarks do not follow the contours of the earth nor are they set by the minds of men, but that of heaven. In order to establish these landmarks; the Lord is releasing angelic surveyors to work with God’s people to redeem the spiritual boundaries of the land.

These angels are also given to help God’s people, empowered by the divine wisdom of God, implement effective strategies in their region for Christ.  For example, now that the same sex marriage law is reversed in Maine, we need to elect the right people in the government of Maine and its legislature in order to keep the high ground of morality established that is governed by the people for the people.

We now have angels on assignment to help with all of this. To begin with, I suggest that we take our State and map out the counties, and then break the counties down into sectors such as School Districts, political districts, towns, and cities. We also need to raise up watchmen of intercession to take their stand in these sectors, as well as to establish command centers that are net worked together. In time, like the power lines that traverse across the landscape of America, the Lord’s grid will become interconnected with lines of communication that will establish a national net work of believers.

God has a purpose and a plan for each family, church, area, and region. There are mantles to be picked up that God has given to families as well as to each state.  I believe that each person should research their family history to find what gifts of Christ were operating in their lineage. This too is your inheritance. Each town and Church was founded by God with a purpose. This too is to be known and recaptured.

If we ask the Lord, He will map a grid for us and reveal what the purpose for each sector is. Some areas may be called to become centers of refuge, places where believers can come for rest, restoration, and renewal. Others may be tracts of farmland the Lord has reserved for agricultural purposes or for spiritual training camps, while some cities may be ordained to become centers for evangelism. The goal, however, is for this nation to be occupied with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord and His righteousness.

Once a grid is established and its purposes defined, head watchmen can be assigned to each sector with a ministry team taking their watch and through intercession, take the land. Angels on assignment will take their stand with us. It is prayer that calls forth those things that are not as though they are. It is intercession from the heart of God in heaven that releases the Spirit to move on earth to fulfill the Father’s will. We need to establish watchmen on the walls of the church to observe the activity taking place within their sector or assignment, and intercede according to the Lord’s purpose and plan. Together as one, we can make a difference.


Command Centers

A command post for each grid will form the central location where intelligence is gathered from the watchmen for evaluation and further prayer.  Like a military command post, these centers will observe the movement of spiritual forces operating within their grid. Whether the activity is the Kingdom of God or demonic, all activity will be monitored. Those who oversee a command post are generals that will mobilize teams to send out as an army to do great exploits,

” And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall be corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do great exploits” (Daniel 11:32).

With watchmen on the walls through prophetic foresight and divine counsel, instead of the church being ambushed they can be properly positioned to ambush the enemy. And likewise, when we see the King of Kings coming, we can properly prepare the people and open the gates for the King of glory to come in! (Ps. 24:7-10)  The church is called to be the gatekeepers of their area with authority over all power of the enemy.



As these spiritual grids are established, each command post will be in touch with other command posts that oversee a grid in their region. Eventually, a chain of command will be established to provide oversight from a national level, to that of a region, state and local level. (I also believe that this may be part of the mandate of the Oak Initiative and MFM that is now mobilizing Christians across America.)

This will help to net work the free agents with other watchmen of intercession that are not part of a church life. Out of this new churches and cell groups may form. Many watchmen/intercessors are wounded and in need of healing and thus choose to remain isolated. Others are orphans that have been rejected by the church that will be accepted by the household of faith fathered by God. We are now in the season where the grace is released from the Father to heal the broken hearted, open prison doors and bring home those that are lost to fellowship with their own tribe. A great mobilizing by those who are finding their divine connections is now taking place.

There are also thousands of Watchmen emerging from the Chrysalis stage as butterflies to soar in the freedom of the Spirit. It is my understanding that butterflies often prophetically represent intercession. For them, the journey has been long and arduous and often painful as they endured the process of transformation. To these, the Son of God is rising with healing in His wings.

As these watchmen are equipped, trained and mobilized, a net work of intercession can be established that will release heaven on earth in the spirit and power of Elijah. Through intercession, the tide of events and the spiritual climate within each sector of a grid will change until the whole grid becomes ablaze with the Lord’s glory. Together as one, weather patterns, political patterns, the media, church, business and the economy and much more will be influenced by these watchmen of destiny. (This is where the teachings of Lance Wallnau’s 7 Mountain Mandate fits like a glove).


News Reporters

Ministries are being established whose sole duty is to remain mobile. At any given notice, they will go where something of spiritual significance is taking place. Just as a news correspondence team travel to intercept breaking news, so will these correspondence teams.  And just as news reporters are equipped with a satellite to report the news live, so will God’s news reporters broadcast live that which is taking place on the scene. This means of communication will inform every Church member what is taking place throughout the earth. It will also inform watchmen with timely information of that which is taking place locally as well as internationally.

In response to the news of an impending danger, the church can mobilize to form a line of defense to stand against the wiles of the enemy and turn back the tide of evil and that of imminent disaster. Such is the power of unity when the members of the household of faith stand together shoulder to shoulder in intercession refusing to break rank. We are going to go on the offense to take the land as victorious overcomers in Christ.


In conclusion

We can begin now by mobilizing intercessors that have a warrior’s heart and equip them for the work of ministry. This includes perfecting the saints to become “Oaks of Righteousness. ” Many will need to go through the process of healing and restoration, while others simply need fellowship to build relationships. We must begin the process of networking with one another to create a network of communications. It is high time to forge ahead to build relationships with those of like heart and vision that are kingdom minded. These are the Lionhearted, the warriors of destiny with the heart of both the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah.

God has a spiritual plan that is unfolding and it is marvelous to behold.  It is high time to mobilize the watchmen of intercession to usher in the will of God on earth as is in heaven.

In His heart and love


Roy Roden